Mission Statement

To work collaboratively to remove shackles of ignorance from our communities.

We understand when you want to hide information from a group of people, you put that information in a book. At LCC Media Foundation, we do not subscribe to this line of thinking.

We know people want to rise, but they don’t know how to. People want a better tomorrow, but the foundations they are laying down today may not support the future they are after.

Our Core Value

Seeking Knowledge:

We are compelled to seek knowledge through books, mentorship and interactions with established people in the field.


Our word is our bond.


We love to create content with people in spaces around the world.

Helping Communities

We aim to help low-income families, widows, youths, and seniors. The core of what we do is helping communities.

Creating Positive Change

Whether it is through our magazines, art classes or literacy classes, our work is centred on creating positive changes.

Building relationships
When help comes, it usually comes through human beings in the form of relationships. The core of our work is building relationships in the communities and spaces where we work.


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