Tax Clinic Closed
Financial Literacy Free Tax Clinic

Tax Clinic Closed | What next for the Foundation?

    LCCMedia Foundation closed on April 28th, 2022. They were able to file hundreds of tax returns and they helped low-income community members. Some members needed multiple years of income filed. Some members also needed referrals to services. The clinic was funded by the Edmonton Community Foundation and  Africa Centre provided the base for […]

Financial Literacy Free Tax Clinic

300 Tax Returns Filed

  Since February 14th, LCCMedia Foundation, in partnership with Dexteritas Inc, has provided tax filing and benefits information and update services from Africa Centre. The Edmonton Community Foundation has generously funded this project facilitated by Africa Centre. The service has benefitted from referrals from the Bissell Centre, 211 Alberta, Africa Centre, Al Rashid Mosque, CBC […]

Community Free Tax Clinic | LCCMedia Foundation
Financial Literacy Free Tax Clinic

Low Income Community Tax Clinic by LCC Media Foundation and Dexteritas Inc

    LCCMedia Foundation and Dexteritas Inc are pleased to announce that they will be launching a free tax clinic from the 15th of February 2022. From their work in the community, they observed a gap in financial services and literacy in low-income or modest income earners. There is a wide variety of people, newcomers, […]